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museums of the world

View the works of the masters and
experience virtual tours via the Internet. 
Museum of Modern Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Morgan Library
Research, concert, and lecture center whose gallery includes illuminated, literary, and musical manuscripts, rare children's books, and various forms of art. Formerly the private library of Pierpont Morgan.

Critical Review
Reviews current, local and national art exhibitions with no ideology other than a desire to present well-written reviews and to provide a meaningful context for discourse.

Whitney Museum of American Art
Collection of world-renowned 20th-century American art.

International Center of Photography
Established to collect, preserve, and exhibit notable twentieth-century works, with a special emphasis on documentary photography; to teach photography at all levels; and to provide a forum for the exchange of critical ideas and information.

American Museum of Natural History
Collections include more than 30 million items; dinosaur fossils, a 63 foot-long canoe carved by the Haida Indians, a slice of a giant sequoia tree, the costume of an African spirit dancer.

Museum of Television & Radio

Art Institute of Chicago
Comprises both a museum and art school.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Explore the museum's permanent collection, current exhibitions and other facilities.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Devoted to the arts and cultures of Asia. The permanent collections represent over 40 Asian countries spanning 6,000 years of history.
Visit to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican
From the Web Gallery of Art, with information on the architecture, and paintings of the Vatican landmark.

National Museum of the Bargello
One of the oldest building in Florence, the Bargello is now a setting mainly for works of sculpture and many examples of the decorative arts.

Galleria dell'Accademia
Iinformation and history about the home of Michelangelo's "David" and "Prisoners" sculptures; in Italian.

Guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet, with directory of both artist and museums.
Topically organized directory of museums worldwide. Also provides information to museum professionals, and aims to give educators easy access to museums' curriculum and other teaching materials.

24 Hour Museum
National gateway to UK museums, galleries and heritage.

Art Museum Network
A directory of museums and galleries by region.
Designed to expand access to great art exhibitions and foster a deeper understanding of the story behind the art through the use of personal computers and the Internet.

Virtual Museum