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Email Notifications from the Library

Our library computer systems are currently setup to email you when issues with your library card develop.
You can supply your correct email address, or check your current email address, 
by logging onto your "My Millennium" account (View Your Account from our home page),
then click the "Change Personal Info" button that appears on your logon screen.  
Detailed instructions are included at the links below.

PLEASE make sure you supply the email address correctly.  

Your email address should look like these: and NOT like these common mistakes   myscreenname@aol (don't forget the .com or .net) yahooid @  (no spaces allowed!) flastname (SuffolkWeb emails use (wrong "domain") (no trailing dots)

If you supply your email address, (see below) you will receive Circulation Notices, such as an overdue library book, via email.  This will enable you to act quickly in correcting a problem. 

NOTE: This is not the same as subscribing to our weekly newsletter.  
This newsletter keeps you informed of program changes and 
events that are happening each week at the library.
Our subscription list is kept separately and you can subscribe from [HERE]

In order to receive Circulation Notices via email, we need to have your current email address.

Please note:  We do NOT share your email address with any one and do not use your email for any purpose except for circulation notices or weekly emails, if you requested.

If you need help, email us your questions at