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School Assignment Alert Sheet

Help Us Help Your Students!

Copiague School District Instructors:

The Copiague Memorial Public Library would like to know in advance about any major projects which you are assigning to your students. Our resources can help your students succeed. Please provide us with details on upcoming assignments on the form below. We will make every effort to provide the appropriate materials.

I am a:
Name of Copiague School 
Please indicate the most convenient way for us to reach you if we have a question:
Your Telephone Number
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Tittle of Assignment:


Description of Assignment:
(What kind of information are students expected to find? What are the details of the assignment?)


Assignment is due on:
Grade Level:
Estimated number of Students
Indicate each type of resource required for completion of assignment:
Any source may be used Newspapers
Books The Internet
Reference Material Library Databases


Other assignment restrictions:
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