Public Computers
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Public Access Computer Policy

IBM compatible computers, linked to printers are available for public use at the Copiague Memorial Public Library. Through the use of these computers, patrons may access the Internet, commercial software and other informational resources.

The following guidelines are presented in order to facilitate open access with as few limitations as possible while concurrently safeguarding the integrity of the Library's equipment:

1. Use of any Library resource, including public access computers must be consistent with Library policies and all applicable local, state, federal and international law. Copyright and licensing agreements must be honored. 

2. Copying commercial software is in violation of the copyright law. 

3. Using this service to harass other users or to interfere with their work is prohibited.

4. Changes or modifications to system files that affect the configuration of the computer or alter the operation of the network are strictly prohibited. 

a. Users may not use their own software, but may use their own files in conjunction with the Library's software. 

b. Users may not download files onto the hard drive of the Library computers. This includes the user's personal files or software as well as files and software available on the Internet. 

c. Users may download from the Internet to a floppy diskette or writable cd. 

d. Users may not attach hardware and peripherals to the computers. 

5. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance are prohibited and may result in legal action. 

6. Patrons are eligible to use the public-access computers on a first come, first serve basis for up to two [2] hours per day. This time limit may be extended if there is not a waiting list to use the computers. 

7. There is a charge of ten cents [.10] per page for use of the Library printer and is payable at the Research Desk. 

8. Improper use of computer hardware, disturbance of other patrons, or display of obscene or offensive material will result in the suspension of a computer user's time and may result in the long-term suspension of computer privileges.

Adopted: 11/01